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abrasive paste

abrasive paste

I、Varieties and Applying fields:

   Grease-mixed mainly employed in the manufacturing of high-hardness materials for instance burden machine grinding, polishing sintered-carbide, alloyed steel, high carbon steel etc.

   Water-mixed mainly employed in the finish lapping of the samples of metallic phase & lightfaces, etc.


     Diamond/CBN Abrasive-paste is produced fine and confect by the diamond/CBN microns and other raw-materials, it is a relevant ideal Abrasive-paste for grinding and polishing with well lubrication and cooling capability, the hardness of diamond granule is high with equal granularity, and excellent grinding effects.

III 、Applying fields:

    Our products suit to process measures, blade-tools, optics appliances and other high glabrous work-pieces by the high-hardness materials for instance glass, cream, sintered-carbide, natural stone, bijou etc.

   Our factory are able to produce the abrasive paste with Grain size of W0.5, W1.0, W1.5, W2.5, W3.5, W5, W7, W10, W14, W20, W28, W40.