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YingLong Superhard Materials Manufactory

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Blades from HeroHome

Blades from HeroHome


Perforation Blades & Anvil Blades could be made in HSS (High Speed Steel)/Alloy Steel/Chrome Steel/Tool Steel and so on.


We could provide these kinds of Blades with dozens of models & patterns, such as L3500mm, L3000mm, L2950mm, L2800mm, L2500mm etc., it could also be produced as specifically as per the customers’ requirements for different models and materials.



Top Slitter & Bottom Sitter needs to be used as a suite. They could be made in materials of HSS (High Speed Steel)/Alloy Steel/Chrome Steel/Tool Steel/Tungsten Carbide etc.


The diameter of Top Slitters range from OD105mm, OD140mm, OD150mm, OD180mm etc.; And Bottom Sitter normally has OD100mm, OD110mm, OD188mm etc.; Also, specific models & patterns could be produced by clients’ specifically requirements.


Othe irregular & non-standard Cutting Blade & Knives could be produced as specifically as per customers’ exact requirements.


Besides the Cutting Blade & Knives in Tissue-paper industry, “Herohome” serves our customers widely in the different fields of Packing & Printing, Cigarettes, Tapes, Leather, Food & Meat etc. in various patterns/models & material for clients to choose.