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YingLong Superhard Materials Manufactory

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Cardboard Slitter & Scorer Machine, Thin Blade Type


Cardboard Slitter & Scorer Machine, Thin Blade Type


Basic Info:

  • Trademark:HEROHOME

  • Specification:CE

  • Origin:ShanXi

Product Description:

1.  Suitable for processing the small order.
2.  Adopt the thin blade to cut the cardboard without burr.
3.  Sharpen the knife by manual or automatic. It can slitting the cardboard and sharpen knives at the same time.
4.  Adopt France tech for scorer, the cardboard won't be rived.

1.  Scorer adjustable height:0--12mm.
2.  Min.coring width: 50mm.
3.  Power: 4KW.
4.  Available sizes: 1800/2000/2200/2500mm.