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Cutting Blades & Grinding Wheels for Corrugated Board Industry

The thin cutting blades & knives especially for slitting scorer machine in corrugate are highly recommended. “HEROHOME” Processes the unique skills & technologies, as well as over 40 years’ experience on manufacturing, R&D of Blades and Knives. We are capable to provide the best qualities with the most competitive prices to our honorable customers around the world.


Since “HEROHOME” was built, we successfully prompted and marketed of our thin cutting Blades & Knives in various materials & advanced formula to the whole world. We had won great reputations around our customers by our performances. Blades & Knives under brand “HEROHOME” have been exported to over 50 countries with over 17 years’ export experience. Especially our HSS/ Solid Carbide Slitter scorer cutting blades had been acknowledged widely by its cutting efficiency & long life- time by all the customers. ”HEROHOME” Cutters processes the following advanced merits:

* Totally control & familiar to the processes of grinding/ polishing. We are also a manufacturer of grinding wheels, so our Blades & Knives totally under strict & perfect grinding/polishing processes which makes our products in much better granularity & finishing degree, and this will largely improve the performances much in nature of cutting sharpness which is the key point of quality for cutters;

* Historical experience on manufacturing & technologies. We have more than 40 years’ experience of manufacturing Grinding & Cutting products. So we are totally capable to control all the phases for production and to solve most technical problems of our customers directly;

* We focused on the nature itself, so our materials include more vital parts such as more cobalt & other Nobel metals percentages; as well as vital technical like twice burning-returns, and more processes of high- temperature isostatic pressing with much finer grit size etc. Those can largely increase our Knives & Blades’ cutting performances with using stability, meanwhile the usage life-time is prolonged to the biggest scale compares with others;

* Costs saving leads to the most favorite prices. We have our unique formulas & experience. To save much more costs. So the prices always are the most competitive on international markets. It can compete definitely with big suppliers while the offers are much favorite.


“HEROHOME” grinding wheels processed the following characteristics:

1, Adopted of super hard abrasive- materials of synthetic Diamond & CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride ), which can satisfy all the Thin-Cutter Blades grinding requirements in the materials of HSS ( High Speed Steel) & Solid Carbide ( YGB ) & also other metal materials;

2, RESINOID BOND which is the most suitable binder to the grinding of thin-cutter, it will keep the excellent grinding capability of the grinding wheels at any time which is vital to the grinding process;

3, Different kinds of Surface Polishing Requirements suit to the different grinding wheels; Certain materials and situations:
Coarse- grinding in 80#-120#;
Half-coarse in 120#-180#;
Fine- grinding in 180#- W40;
Polishing in W40- W0.5.

The high glabrous-degree of the tungsten carbide with high requirements to the grinding of blades, so it suits for grits between 180#-W40; while the cutter in HSS suits in 150# - 230#;

4, Reasonable collaborations of grinding wheels in different densities will bring lots of merits for instance finer grinding and suitable using for the different cutter.

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