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Diamond/CBN Abrasive Paste

The manuscript of "Yinglong" Diamond/CBN Abrasive Paste

Varieties and Applying fields:

  Grease-mixed mainly employed in the manufacturing of high-hardness materials for instance burden machine grinding, polishing sintered-carbide, alloyed steel, high carbon steel etc.

  Water-mixed mainly employed in the finish lapping of the samples of metallic phase & lithofacies etc.


      Diamond/CBN Abrasive-paste is produced fine and confect by the diamond/CBN micrones and other raw-materials, it is a relevant ideal Abrasive-paste for grinding and polishing with well lubrication and cooling capability, the hardness of diamond granule is high with equal granularity, and excellent grinding effects.

Applying fields:

  Our products suit to process measures, blade-tools, optics appliances and other high glabrous workpieces by the high-hardness materials for instance glass, ceram, sintered-carbide, natural stone, bijou etc.

Selection of Abrasive paste:

  It mainly decided by the requirement of glabrous workpieces and efficiency with original glabrous of workpieces. Surplus relevant large require high efficiency could select relative coarse granularity number; in contrast, we select the precision one. Then we could consult the following fleet:


  Select appropriate grinding device and abrasive paste according to the materials and process requirements of workpieces. The ordinary grindee is the block and board made by glass, cast iron, steel, aluminum, organic glass. Thinner water-solubility abrasive paste use water or glycerin; grease-mixed use kerosene.

   1.Diamond/CBN grinding is a kind of precision process, environment and tools should be keep clean up in processing, tools should be specified to every kind of granularity and no mixing.

   2.Workpiece should be clean up carefully in the processing of exchange pastes of different granularities to prevent the former coarse granule will mix into thin granule and then damage the workpiece.

   3.In using time put a few paste into container or directly on the grinding device, dilute by mix into water, glycerin or kerosene, ordinary proportion is 1:1 or adjust according to specific environment ,the thinnest granule only need a little water, adding glycerin appropriately according to coarseness increasing.

   4.After grinding, workpiece should be clean up by gasoline, kerosene or water.

Attentions on Transportation and Storage:

   1.No pressing.

   2.Temperature of storage room should below 20 oC.

   3.Storage in sanitation, cool and torrefaction place.