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YingLong Superhard Materials Manufactory

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Diamond Grinding Wheel

Diamond Grinding Wheel


Basic Info:
  • Model NO.: 14F1, 14A1, 3F1, 3A1, 6A2, 11V9, 1A1R

  • Abrasive: Superabrasive

  • Types: Surface Grinding Wheel

  • Cylindricity: <0.5

  • Technics: Electroplating

  • Origin: Xi'An CHINA

  • Material: Diamond

  • Shapes: Edge Shape

  • Grain Size: 240#

  • Circular Degree: <1

  • Working Style: Tool Grinding

  • HS Code: 6804231000

Product Description:

We specialise in the production of high quality profile grinding wheels, diamond & CBN Wheels for wood working industry, metal working industry.

For example:

Diamond Cutting wheels

Wheel for Wood working industry

Diamond wheel with Bakelite Body

Diamond / CBN wheel for Centerless Grinding

Vitrifed CBN points for internal Grinding

Diamond and CBN profile wheels offer aggressive material removal rates combined with superior finish. Available for all manual and CNC profile grinders using synthetic or oil coolant. 

Machines: Weinig, UT.MA, Schneeberger, Walter, Wadkin, Foley, SCMI, United, Tigra, Andi, Nielson
Applications: Diamond for carbide or inlaid carbide/steel (Bak-Pak); CBN for HSS, Jonalloy, or Stellite
Styles: 14F1R, 14A1R, 1F1R, 1A1R

Face Grind:

D4A2 115mm x 11mm x 32mm D 280 R 100 B 1/8 W=1/8
B4A2 125mm x 3/8 x 32mm CBN 180 R 75 B 1/16 W=1/8

D4V2 125mm x 11mm x 32mm D 280 R 100 B 2mm W=4mm
B4V2 125mm x 13mm x 32mm CBN 180 R 75 B 2mm W=4mm
D12V9 125mm x 12mm x 32mm D 240 R 100 B 1/16 ;

B12V9 120mm x 12mm x 32mm CBN 180 R 100 B 1/4;

Top Grind:

D6A2 125mm x 18mm x 32mm D 180 R 100 B 1/4 W=3/16
B6A9 115mm x 18mm x 32mm CBN 150 R 75 B 1/8 U=1/4

D6A2 125mm x 21mm x 32mm D 180/400 R 100/75 B 3/8 W=5mm

B6A2 115mm x 18mm x 32mm CBN 120/220 R 100 B 1/4 W=5mm

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YingLong(Herohome) Superhard Materials Manufactory

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