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Diamond Grinding Wheels for Manufacturing of Silicon Wafers, GaN & GaAs Wafers, and Sapphire Wafers in Semi-Conductor Industry

Grinding is an important process for manufacturing of Types of wafers in Semi-Conductor Industry.  The demand for wafers with better quality and lower price presents tremendous challenges for the grinding wheels used in the silicon wafer industry. The stringent requirements for these grinding wheels include low damage on ground surfaces, self-dressing ability, consistent performance, long wheel lives, and low prices.

With Long Time R&D, Grinding Wheels Produced by YingLong SuperHard Materials ManuFactory with brand “HEROHOME” could be Installed and used in Japanese, South Korea, Germany Grinders. “HEROHOME” not only produces the Grinding Wheels as Regular Model, but also Customized Design.

The Selection of Grinding Wheels determines Vital Parameters of Grinding. The Speed, the Surface Finish, The Rate of Material Removing, and the Final Thickness that can be Achieved are all dependents on the choice of Grinding Wheel and Grit Size. “HEROHOME” could provide Grit Size on 100#-700# (Coarse/Rough Grinding) and 1000#-8000# (Fine Grinding).


“HEROHOME” also provides Diamond Polishing Slurries and Powders mainly used on Grinding of Sapphire Substrate, Back thinning of LED Chip, Optical Crystal Grinding and Polishing, and other Grinding/Polishing of other Materials like Hard Disk Heads.