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Grinding Wheels in Tissue-Paper Converting

Grinding Wheels in Tissue-Paper Converting

  1. Introduction

“Herohome” manufactures CBNcubic boron nitride& Diamond Grinding Wheels in Tissue-Paper Converting industry, specificly for the sharpening of Cutting Knivers & Blades. Such as Log Saw Blades, Top Slitting Blades etc. made in materials of HSS (High Speed Steel), Alloy Steel, Chrome Steel & Tungsten Carbide, these cutters are after precisely heart-treated to achieve a final hardness of Rockwell 57-65 with excellent cutting longevity and wear-resistance.


“Herohome” produces the most suitables CBN & diamond Grinding Wheels for the cutters in Tissue-Paper converting industry.

     2. Information

Certain issues for choosing a suitable Gringding Wheels:

  • Choice of Abrasive: CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) is a kind of synthetic supper-hard materials, the second hardest material in the world. Its hardness only inferior to the synthetic Diamond.

It not only owes the major properties of diamond, but also it has a higher the thermal stability with iron-metal group, the obvious advantages of CBN abrasive are in the processing of the materials such as HSS((High Speed Steel), Alloy Steel, Chrome Steel, Tool Steel and those Steels with hardness between Rockwell 45-68.


  • Choice of Grain size: Grain Size refers to the size of abrasive grains. It is extremely related with the Grinding Efficiency and the surface finishing degree of the grinded-items.

Generally speaking, more coarse grain size brings higher grinding efficiency, while the surface finishing degree would be relatively lower, and vice versa.

To sharpen the Log Saw Blades, FEPA standard grain size B107(same as ISO standard 140/170#) would be the most suitable choice this grain size has been proved to be the perfect match for Log Saw Blades after a long-time explorations & practical experience. And Grain Size D107 refers that the same size but diamond abrasive.


  • Bond and Binder: it refers to the material applied for binding the grain during the production of abrasive tools. The most common binders include Resin, Metal, Vitrified & Electro-plated Binder.

For sharpening of Log Saw Blades, Resin Binder is the most suitable choice by its significant performances of self-sharpness to grind the Blades by the shortest grinding time, longer duration time of using and the guaranteed sharping results of blades.


  • New Trends: for super-hard Grinding Wheels in Tissue-Paper Converting Industry, diamond material would be applied gradually in the future for the aim of meeting the industrial developments.

End-Users are seeking higher cutting grinding efficiency with lower consuming costs. Gradually they would like to use Tungsten Carbide Blades and Slitter due to the longest duration. The diamond grinding wheels are with obvious advantage for sharpening Tungsten Carbide Cutters.