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Herohome Diamond/ CBN Grinding wheels for Corrugated Board Industry


HeroHome Diamond/ CBN Grinding wheels for Corrugated Board Industry


The Regualer Sizes of Grinding wheels for Corrugated brands or Producing lines:

YINGLONG grinding wheels processed the following characteristics:

1, Adopted of super hard abrasive- materials of synthetic Diamond & CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride ), which can satisfy all the Thin-Cutter Blades grinding requirements in the materials of HSS ( High Speed Steel) & Solid Carbide ( YGB ) & also other metal materials;


2, RESINOID BOND which is the most suitable binder to the grinding of thin-cutter, it will keep the excellent grinding- capability of the grinding wheels at any time which  is vital to the grinding wheels;


3, Different kinds of granularitiies suit to the different grinding wheels; certain materials and situations: Coarse- grinding in 80#-120#; half-coarse in 120#-180#; fine- grinding in 180#- W40; polishing in W40- W0.5. The high glabrous-dregree of the tungsten carbide with high requirements to the grinding of blades, so it suits for grits between 180#-W40; while the cutter in HSS suits in 150# - 230#;


4, Reasonable collaborations of grinding wheels in different densities will bring lots of merits for instance finer grinding and suitable using for the different cutter.