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Honing Stones in Diamond/CBN

Honing Stones in Diamond/CBN

Honing Process:

Honing is the process of finishing inner surface of precision machine parts to a high degree of accuracy and smoothness by a combination of rotary and reciprocating motions with appropriate pressure.

It is a special form of grinding, it is a highly efficient processing method in precision machining. This process can not only remove larger machining allowance (in the 1950s honing is still used as polishing), and is a kind of parts size, accuracy and geometry surface rough degree of effective processing method for improving.

Diamond honing rod, the company is committed to hone, diamond honing rod production research, with many years of production experience, affordable quality degree is high, suitable for modern machine industry, heavy honing processing,High precision, durable, high grinding rate, good finish, long service life.

Functions and Merits:

Combinations of rotation speed and stroke speed form variety of crosshatch grinding tracks on the surface of a workpiece.

These crosshatch tracks help holding oil and improve wear resistance of the product.

Since honing stones contact with workpiece at wide area, force that affect each grain is small, which results in excellent finished surface with small surface roughness and less affected layer.

Features of Diamond/CBN Honing Stones:

With ordinary vitrified grindstones, it was hard to fully meet users' requirement because they were short life, easily caused partial wear and deformation and could not maintain machining accuracy. However, by using CBN/Diamond grains, work can be done easily even with workpieces which were difficult to process, while maintaining long life.

In most cases, metal bond is used for an Diamond/CBN honing stone. By combining several metals, and varying selection of grain, grain size and concentration, a honing stone can be produced to suit any kind of workpiece.

Features of HeroHome Honing Stones:

HeroHome honing stones are produced to maximize the productivity of super abrasive grains.

With their high efficiency, long-life and high accuracy, HeroHome honing stones largely contribute to reduction of cost and boosting productivity of many companies.

Problems with Honing:


Cutting ability declines with grain wear and increased friction.

[Counter-plan]Select grain with high crushability and soft bond to expedite selfgeneration of cutting edge.


Chips get into pores of the stone surface.

[Counter-plan]Select softer bond. Adjust concentration.

3.Premature Grain Loss

Grains drop off without wear, almost in original shape.

[Counter-plan]Select harder bond to hold grains well.

Indication of Diamond/CBN Honing Stones:

Selection of Grain

Diamond and CBN are available to be selected depending on the material of workpiece
Diamond: diamond
CBN: boron nitride

Selection of Grain Size

Determined by the required surface roughness i#40-#6000j

Grade and Bond

Table of Grade

Grade consists of both hardness (wear resistance) of metal material and binding condition with grains, so that more suitable selection can be made.
We prepare bond other than stated above as necessary to suit every honing condition. 


Concentration indicates grain weight per cm3 and is usually justified in steps of 5% between 20% and 150%.

At honing work, surface finish differs greatly depending upon the honing machine and work condition. On selecting a honing stone, please inform our service person of following items and consult thoroughly about the selection.

Work Condition Material

~Honing Length

~Heat Treatment

~Work Pressure

~Honing Inside Diameter

~Cycle Time

~Honing Allowance

~Name of the Machine

~Surface Finish Requirement

~Honing Oil Manufacturer

~Machining Accuracy

~(Water-soluble or Oil-based)

~Crosshatch Angle

~Spindle Speed

~Stroke Speed

Type of our honing stones are given as below :

Drawing of the stone required for manufacturing:

W = Width (mm);

H = Height (mm);

L = Length (mm);

A = Abrasive height (mm);

S = Slot width (mm);

Standard honing stone:

Honing stones having abrasive layer on steel base. Honing stone is soldered on honing shoe / carrier.

To write dimension: W x H x L x AS

Slotted standard honing stone:

Same as standard honing stone but a slot longitudinally for better cutting, cooling and chip removal.

To write dimension: W x H x L x AS

Solid honing stone:

This stone consists only the abrasive (No steel base) and is also soldered on the honing shoe / carrier or holder segment.

To write dimension: W x H x L x A

Compact honing stone:

Honing stones for direct fitting into the body of the honing holder. This type of stone is generally used for very small bore honing.

To write dimension: W x H x L x A

Applications areas:

Engines, gears and fuel injection system;

Cylinders, control valves, pumps & compressors used in hydraulic & pneumatic systems;

Steering and brake systems;

Element barrels And Connecting Rods;

Machines and tools;

Aerospace and defence;

Diamond and CBN cutting sticks are available as standard diamond stick to fit to the stick carrier. Alternatively, we can supply the stick ready for fitting as a diamond stick with expansion profile. This minimises the preparation required in your company.

For special requirements we also supply the sticks in the following special forms:


                          reinforced stick                reinforced stick                 compact stick


       stick with middle groove     standard stick with base       trapezium stick

Application areas:
Cast iron, steel (hardened and unhardened), hard chromium, carbide, graphite, pressed material, glass, brass, sintered metals.

Solution Better Use Various influences determine the result of the honing:

The characteristics of a honing stone as well as a fine tuning of all the different parameters make it possible to achieve the required result.

In addition to high quality in manufacturing, both a short processing time and a long life of the stones can be achieved.

Our Package:

Our Delivery:
The advantage of Freight Charge, for the long term cooperation with the Global Express,We could get very favorable prices for the freight charge of DHL, UPS, TNT and FedEx. If you feel interested, please let me know the exact order quantities, we will apply best offer you.

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