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Log Saw Blade


Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Item:Industrial Saws and Knives

  • Specification:D2 material

  • Origin:China

Product Description

  Log Saw Blade that can be specifically designed to provide long service life for an extra clean cut of tissue paper, toilet roll, exceptional durability and outstanding cut quality of your end product. All Log Saw Blade are manufactured from 1.2379 ( D2 ) high-carbon, high chrome tool steel, with precise heat treatment to achieve a final hardness of Rockwell 59 - 61 and excellent cutting longevity and wear resistance.

Log Saw Blades are ground to excellent sharp and two sided special compound bevel consisting of secondary and primary bevel by advanced CNC operated grinding machines and processes. The bevel geometry is optimised for the application, and polished for minimum friction...

Log Saw Blades are of Minimum possible static and dynamic run-out. This is largely a function of the steel metallurgy and heat-treatment of the log saw blades. The technique of manufacturing and tensioning and additional measures taken to ensure that blades do not stress relive and loose their tension during transit, storage and operation. All the Log Saw Blades are eliminated unwanted and uncontrollable residual stress

Log Saw Blades are manufactured for PCMC, Perini and other log saw machines with 1-4 lanes.
Diameter 610 X Bore 62.26 X Thickness 4.76
Diameter 610 X Bore 62.26 X Thickness 3.80
Diameter 610 X Bore 82.55 X Thickness 4.76
Diameter 610 X Bore 82.55 X Thickness 3.80
Diameter 610 X Bore 100.0 X Thickness 4.76
Diameter 610 X Bore 100.0 X Thickness 3.80

HeroHome  is also provide the perfect CBN grinding stones for keeping your log saw blade with excellent sharp.