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Peripheral speeds of mounted points and warning

Peripheral speeds of mounted points

Peripheral speeds of mounted points:
The diagram above allows you to determine the rotational speed [RPM] from a given peripheral speed.

Recommended peripheral speeds are stated in the introductory descriptions for the various hardness grades on the following pages. In the diagram, peripheral speeds are represented by blue diagonal lines.

Each vertical line represents a mounted point diameter. From its point of intersection with the diagonal line for a given peripheral speed, proceed horizontally to the left margin where you will find the corresponding rotational speed [RPM] of the mounted point and spindle.

Mounted point diameter: 1”
Hardness grade: O
Application: Surface grinding
Peripheral speed: 5,000 - 6,000 SFPM
Rotational speed: 18,000 - 22,000 RPM

Dust warning:
Use of the mounted points may create dust and other particles. To avoid any risk of adverse health effects, the operator must use appropriate protective measures, including a respirator, during and after operation. Refer to our Safety Data Sheet above for further information regarding theproduct to be used. Furthermore, additional health hazards may result from dust in the surrounding environment and from dust generated from the workpiece material.