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YingLong Superhard Materials Manufactory

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Yinglong superhard material manufactory here, exporting superhard material grinding wheel and with good quality, price. We have been doing foreign business for over 18 years; have 40 years of experience in the production of grinding wheel. All the requirements about the grinding wheels we can do.

Let me introduce our products:


   Grinding wheel: we specialize in the production of grinding wheel. The models of grinding wheel are various, such as: plain grinding wheel, bowl grinding wheel, dish grinding wheel and so on. Superhard material grinding wheel consists of diamond/CBN abrasive and bond, has good grinding performance and long service life. With superhard materials is better than the effect of ordinary abrasive grinding wheel, and because the service life is long, use superhard materials is more cost effective than ordinary abrasive grinding wheel.

   Blades and knives: we can provide all kinds of materials, various usage of the blade, such as: high speed steel, hard alloy steel blade, alloy steel blade, etc. Currently widely used in corrugated paper, household paper industry and so on.

   Abrasive paste: paste production of our company is diamond and CBN. The range of grain size is W0.5 between W40. And all over the pastes are divided into oil soluble and water soluble.


   We can design special grinding wheel according to the customer demand. And we have good after-sales service.


   Our company produced the grinding wheel has good quality and reasonable price. In many sectors has formed a special grinding wheel, for example: corrugated industry, LED industry, paper for daily use industry, crankshaft industry and son on.