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YingLong Superhard Materials Manufactory

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Super Abrasives Honing Stones, Diamond Honing Stone, CBN Honing Stones


Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Kind:Honing

  • Manufacturing Arts:Sinter

  • Usage:Abrasive and Carving

  • Trademark: HeroHome

  • HS Code:68042290


    Product Description
    Super Abrasive Honing Stones;
    Con-rod, cylinder, gears part Honing;
    Fit for Sunnen, Nagel, Gehring, Kadia Machine.

    Diamond honing stones, CBN honing stones

    Diamond honing stones contains a very hard grains, which is essential to the honing of Carbide, Cast Iron, Glass and Ceramic materials. Designated by "D" in the stone code.

    Featurer: High stock removal, High efficiency, High precision and long stone life.

    CBN honing stone is contains aman-made abrasive(cubic boron nitride)especialy usefull for honing the tough Alloy Steel, Tool Steel, Die Steel, Harden Steel and other abrasive resistant materials. Designated by the letter"N" in stone code.

    MOB: 0086-13402979928