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Synthetic Diamond Lapping Paste for Polishing / Carbide Diamond Compound Paste

Basic Info

Material:DiamondUsage:Polishing, Grind, Sand Blasting
Trademark:sanlingOrigin:XiAn, China

Synthetic diamond lapping paste for polishing / carbide diamond compound paste

Main Material: Diamond Micro Powder

Advanced Production Technology

After accuracy class selection, narrow range of grit size good quality diamond powder with same

Volume, together with the unique paste binder, mixing diamond powder, which has excellent

Grinding, polishing and processing function. With good lubricating and cooling properties in the


Oil-Soluble type and Water-Soluble type

Can be adapted to different materials and different processes of grinding requirements.

Oil-Soluble type mainly used for load mechanical polishing, tungsten carbide polishing, steel,

High carbon high hardness materials.

Water Soluble is mainly used for petrographic and functional ceramics and other fine polishing.

For Flat and Contoured Surface Grinding

Suitable for grinding plane and convex surface, the convex surface of the grinding effect is

Particularly prominent.

Diamond Polishing Paste Specifications

A total of 12 kinds of grit number (W0.5 ~ W40, namely W0.5, W1, W1.5, W2.5, W3.5, W5, W7,

W10, W14, W20, W28 and W40), different grit model is used for different materials polishing,

According to the corresponding properties. (W as first letter abbreviation of micrometer).