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the advantage of CBN grinding wheel to process HSS material

the advantage of CBN grinding wheel to process HSS material

High Speed Steel (HHS) contains CO, V, AL and other alloying elements. It can improve the Cutting performance of high-speed steel cutting tools and its wear resistance. While it also reduces grinding performance the material. When we use common aluminum oxide grinding wheel, It will increase the grinding force and exacerbate abrasion of grinding wheel, a sharp increase in the heat of the grinding zone, and resulting in burning surface and roughness is reduced. It is the reason why using aluminum oxide grinding wheel with low life.


Cubic boron nitride (CBN) grinding wheel is made of CBN powder and binder (such as resin, metal, ceramic, etc.) through high temperature and pressure sintering.


Cubic boron nitride (CBN) with the characteristics of high hardness, its hardness only behind Diamond. Simultaneously it is of Good thermal stability, high chemical inertness with iron, and it can withstand 1400 degrees Celsius temperature.


CBN grinding wheel is characterized by good thermal stability, chemical inertness, good wear resistance, high grinding efficiency, high surface quality, no burns and cracks. All these features make sure longer using time of CBN wheel.


In summary, using CBN grinding wheel to grind HHS blades will reduce costs greatly.