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Tungsten Carbide (T.C.) Blade

Tungsten Carbide (T.C.) Blade

     What is Tungsten Carbide (TC)?

    Tungsten carbide (TC) is an inorganic chemical compound that contains equal numbers of tungsten and carbon atoms. It is sometimes colloquially referred to as simply "carbide." In its most basic form, Tungste Carbide is one type of fine gray powder, but it can be pressed and formed into shapes for use in industrial machinery, tools and abrasives.

    The notable and rare combination of physical properties possessed by tungsten carbide makes it useful for a variety of applications. It is extremely strong and wear-resistant. There are only a few materials on earth that can be used to cut or engrave it, with industrial diamond abrasives being one of these. Its tensile strength is very high, but it is brittle under high pressures as a result.

   "Yinglong" produce Blades and Knives:

 1. Thin Cutter Blades and Knives in High Speed Steel (W6Mo5Cr4) Materials.
 2. Thin Cutter Blades and Knives in Tungsten Carbide (YG13) Materials.
 3. Thin Cutter Blades and Knives in Chrome Steel and Alloy Steel etc.

   The Thin Cutter Blades and Knives esp. used in the field of Corrugated. Adopted in the Corrugator line, used for the machine of Slitter Scorer, either on the Rotary Round Knives, or the High Speed Cutting Blades. "Yinglong" process the unique skills and technologies, as well as more than 30 years experiences on manufacturing Blades and Knives. We are capable to provide the best qualities with most competitive prices to our customers.

   Around these years, "Yinglong" successfully developed and prompted our Thin Cutter Blades and Knives in various materials to the whole world. We had won great reputation around our customers by our advantages. Our products exported to Europe, Asia, America and Korean etc. with satisfiable replacing products to the original blades.

  "Yinglong" Blades and Knives pocess the following characteristics:
 1, Totally control and familiar to the process of grinding. "Yinglong" is a manufacturer of Grinding wheels itself, so our blades and knives totally under strict and perfect grinding process. Which make our products more balance and brightful, it can improve the performances much in nature of cutting efficiency and usage life-time.
 2, Historical experiences on manufacturing and technologies. We have more than 30 years on manufacture Blades, Knives and Grinding wheels. So we totally control the phase for manufacture, and capable to solve all the technical problems for our customers.
 3, Costs saving to favorite prices. We have our unique formula and experiences to save much cost. So our prices are very competitive on International market. It can compete with big suppliers of blades while the quotations are much more favorite.


   According to the different requirements of our clients, Yinglong won many customers by our quality and service. If your company is in need of our Razor Blades & Knives for Corrugated Slitter and Scorer machine, please contact us and we will serve you in great scale with the best offers.

   We always hold our motto: "High standards, Excellent Customer Service".