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Ultrathin Diamond & CBN Cutting Wheels

Ultrathin Diamond & CBN Cutting Wheels

Basic Info:

Model NO.: 1A1R Material: Diamond
Abrasive: Superabrasive Shapes: Edge Shape
Types: Cutting Wheel Working Style: Cutting
Trademark: YINGLONG Origin: Xian, China
HS Code: 6804231000

Ultrathin Diamond & CBN Cutting Wheels are mainly used for precise cutting and slotting kinds of electronic component and precise part in the electronic information and the mechanical fields. It has a series of merits such as high precision, small kerf, and high quality of processing surface and so on.

                H        Tolerances(mm)
                0.08              30 - 58       To your requests            +/-0.0025
                0.1              30 - 58
                0.2              30 - 78
                0.3              30 - 78
                0.4              30 - 110
                0.5              30 - 150             +/-0.005
                1              30 - 200
                1.5              30 - 200
                2              30 - 200

Product Description:

Vitrified bond diamond bruting wheel also call ceramic bond diamond bruting wheel, it used for grinding of single of single crystal diamond, this wheel has the following characteristics. Bruting wheel possesses excellent diamond processing performance. And it has been showed the feature below:

A: High efficiency of polishing more quantities of natural diamond than metal bonded diamond grinding wheels.

B: High abrasive resistance and less wastage and consumption.

C: High speed and precision on diamond and cause less heat while bruting.

D: Long life of wheels and high smoothness surface of natural diamond.