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Vitrified Diamond Wheel (1A1, 11V9, 12V9) for PCD/CBN Tool Grinding

6A2 Grinding Wheels

Model NO.:1A1, 11V9, 12V9, 1V1Shape: Plain, Taper Cup, Dish Cup, 
Name:Cup Grinding WheelGraininess:
Thickness:10mmKind:Diamond Wheel
Manufacturing Arts:SinterUsage:Stone Cutting, Abrasive and Carving, Engineering Material, Optical Glass Cutting, Lab Use Super-thin Saw Blade, Semiconductor Cutting

Saw Blade External Diameter:350mm
Origin: ChinaHS Code:680423900

vitrified diamond wheel (1A1, 11V9, 12V9) for pcd/cbn tool grinding
Cutter Grinding Wheels is applicable of rubbing milling cutter, drill bits, cutter, saw blades, woodwork cutter, etc. Rubbing position includes surface, trough, tilted surface, hole etc. It also possesses long working life, high grinding rate, long dressing interval, also stable shape, excellent precision dimension.

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