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Wholesale Vitrified Polycrystalline Diamond Grinding Wheels for Machining PCD & PCBN Inserts, Diamond Grinding Wheel, Diamond Abrasive Wheel


Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Material:Diamond

  • Abrasive:Superabrasive

  • Shapes:Edge Shape

  • Types:Cutting Wheel

  • Working Style:Tool Grinding

  • Size:Can Be Customized

  • Shape:Flat-Shaped

  • Usage:Grinding Tungsten Steel,High Spee

  • Trademark:LIDE

  • Origin:China

Product Description

Vitrified polycrystalline diamond grinding wheels for machining PCD & PCBN inserts
1. Diamond grinding wheel
2. High quality

Vitrified polycrystalline diamond grinding wheels for machining PCD & PCBN inserts
Rts, diamond grinding wheel, diamond abrasive wheel
Type D(mm) T(mm) H(mm) W(mm) X(mm)
6A2 100 40 20/32/40 5/10/15 10
125 40 32/40 5/10/15 10
150 40 32/40 5/10/15 10
11A2 100 40 20/32/40 3/5/10 3-10
125 40 32/40 3/5/10 3-10
150 40 32/40 3/5/10 3-10
Grit: D35 D20 D15 D9 D6
According to customer' s requirements.
  4. How to sharp the tools with PCD & PCBN inserts?
Tools with PCD& PCBN inserts are very reten-tive, but demand an occasional sharpen-ing.   In comparison with conventional tool mate-rials, the sharpening of PCD& PCBN tools  requires another approach in scope of  grindingmethods and grindingwheels char-acteristics.   The sharpening of polycrystalline tools is a  very challenging task both for users and for  wheel manufacturers.
To ensure the proper condition of PCD& PCBN sharpening process the following fac-torsare indispensable:
high precision grinding machine with stiff  construction and vibration dampening  system which can guarantee high preci- sion grinding, demanded during sharp-ening of PCD & PCBN inserts;   specially designed grinding wheels ap-propriate for high efficient and precision  machining, which assures getting an ex-cellent blade edge quality.
5. What kind of diamond grinding wheels to use?
We have created a high effi-cient polycrystalline diamond wheels suit-able for sharpening tools with PCD& PCBN  inserts.
Thanks to modern technology, these grind-ing wheels have met the application in  extremely accurate and efficient sharpen-ing processes of PCD& PCBNtools, which are  progressively wide spread in advanced  manufacturing techniques in many  branches of industry.
6. How to select a proper grinding wheel?
In order to obtain high quality of PCD & PCBN insert edges after sharpening; we elaborate 5 grain size from rough grinding to super finish grinding for customer' s needs.
As for other wheel parameters, such as grain concentration, wheel' s hardness and structure are chosen individually for each user in dependence on machining type, used grinder and properties of sharpened tool.
Grain size selection of vitrified diamond grinding wheel:
Grain Size Machining type Application
Rough Regrinding a blade edge profiling and sharpening of much worn inserts.
D15 Universal Standard grain size-can also getting a high sharpening efficiency and good quality machined surfaces.
D9 Finish Finishing grinding – getting a very good quality of machined surfaces.
D6 Super finish Super finish grinding – getting a brilliant quality of machined surfaces.
7.   How to set the  machining parameters?
During PCD & PCBN inserts sharpening one  should pay a particular attention to the  proper selection ofmachiningparameters.
Diamond grinding wheel, even made with  the most advanced technology, never be  efficient if its working conditions or machin-ing parameters will be improper.
Machining parameters selection
  Grinding velocity       20 m/s – recommended;      
  15÷ 30 m/s – acceptable*
rough grinding:
standard grinding:
finish grinding:
  0, 02÷ 0, 05 mm / pass   0, 01÷ 0, 025 mm / pass
  0, 005÷ 0, 01 mm / pass
    Oscillation frequency   60 1/min – recommended   50÷ 120 1/min – acceptable
    Number of sparking
out passes
  3÷ 8
    abrasive stick
Aluminium oxide abrasive stick
5410 - 20x10x100 99A 320 J7V
    Coolant Water-oil emulsion 3÷ 5%
  Infeed of grinding wheel must be  done always out of machining