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Attending Sino-Corrugated 2013 Among April 8th To 11st In Shanghai, China

Long SuperHard Materials Manufactory attended Sino-Corrugated 2013 among April 8th to 11st in Shanghai, China, with the Exhibition Booth of B92 in No. 5 Pavilion.

As a regular exhibitor, we brought our main products and professional teams there as usual. We showed Diamond & CBN Grinding Wheels in types of AGNATI, BHS, FOSBER, MARQUIP, JUSTU, HSIEH HSU, MINGWEI, TCY, HUBEI JINGSHAN, etc. And we also listed the matched Tungsten Carbide & HSS Razor Blades at the same time.

In those three days, the most popular products in our booth are Grinding Wheels & Razor Blades in AGNATI, BHS, JUSTU and HSIEH HSU Standard Models.

And during the exhibition, we met old friends and made new friends; we kept advanced process technology and accepted new industry knowledge; we remained high product quality & best service and listened & focused on customer requirements; we promoted our Grinding Wheels & Razor Blades actively and received customers’ positive feedback and interest simultaneously. We enjoyed that so much and gained lots from that. That’s enough.

Dear all of YingLong’s friends, looking forward to see you at Sino-Corrugated 2015 in Shanghai, China!