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The Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival

    The Dragon Boat Festival of Once a year is approaching,the whole staff of YINGLONG SUPERHARD MATERIALS MANUFACTORY,Would like to extend the happy Dragon Boat Festival greetings to New and old customers and friends from all walks of life that Concerned about and Support us.

    HeroHome sincerely wishes you and your family a Happy Holiday, Keep healthy, Peace and Good Luck!!!

    The Dragon Boat Festival is on the fifth day of May in Chinese lunar calendar, it is one of Chinese folk traditional festivals. The Dragon Boat Festival is also one of the ancient traditional festivals of the Chinese nation. The Dragon Boat Festival is also known as “DuanWu or DuanYang” in Chinese Words. In addition, the Dragon Boat Festival has many nicknames. Such as The May Festival, Bath Orchid Festival and Daughter Festival and so on. Although the name is different, but generally speaking, the festival customs of the people around is still the same more than different.

    Celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival is traditional habits which more than two thousand years of Chinese people. Because of the vast territory, numerous ethnic groups, plus many stories and legends, it not only exist many different festivals names, but also the custom is not exactly the same. It is of Daughter back home; hang icon of Zhong Kui; Welcome the ghost ship; Sticky noon leaf symbol; Hang calamus and wormwood; Wearing sachet; Dragon-boat Racing; Play swing; Paint yellow rice wine on children body; Drink Male Yellow Wine and Calamus Wine; Eat cake, Salted egg, Rice dumplings and Seasonal fruits and so on. In addition to the superstitious activities have gradually disappeared, the rest so far spread all over China and neighboring countries. Some activities, such as dragon boat race, has been a new development, breaking the time and geographical boundaries, has become an international sports events.

    About the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival, saying a lot. For example: the theory of Memorial Qu Yuan; the theory of Memorial Wu Zixu; the theory of Memorial Cao E; the theory of Beginning in three generations of the summer solstice festival; the theory of Repelling evil days; the theory of Wu month national totem offering and so on. All theories above, are from their sources. It is said that “Textual criticism of the Dragon Boat Festival” and “History education of the Dragon Boat Festival” of Mr. Wen Yiduo, listed Hundreds of ancient records and experts archaeological research, the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival is the Totem sacrifice festival of Chinese ancient southern Wu Yue nationality. It is earlier than Qu Yuan. But for thousands of years, Qu Yuan's patriotic spirit and moving poems, has been widely popular. Ancestors “Regret and Mourning Qu Yuan, spread his poems, Just like this passed down.” So, the influence of the theory of Memorial Wu Zixu is the most extensive and the most profound, occupying the dominant position. In the field of folk culture, Chinese people linked both Dragon Boat races and eating rice dumplings to the memory of Qu Yuan.

    Up until today, The Dragon Boat Festival is still a very popular and solemn festival among the Chinese people.